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I'm looking to upgrade my graphics card in my computer. it is a agp connector and I have only a $100 to spend(I break the bank if I go over).
My current setup as follows:
AMD Athlon XP2500+ at 1.83ghz (socket A)
Epox Nforce 2 mobo
1 Gig of ram
Antec 430w psu
MSI geforce 5200FX
Coolmaster fan (unsure what model)

side note:
I just want to extend the life of this computer as much as possible while I save for a $1500 complete build (saving as many pennies so to speak). any ideas for the best agp Graphics card within $100 I can get is welcome. as for the 1500 build I've already got several ideas in mind ;) but that's for that another thread.
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  1. Google is your friend.

    You have a fair amount of choice at newegg:

    The 4650 only needs about 40 watts
  2. ^
    Good choice, since any card recently will bottlenecked by your cpu, even HD4650, but don't worry about that, you are still good with that card. It much better than 5200FX.
  3. Honestly, even a 3650 is probably going to max out what that system can do. 4650 is way overkill. So I'd save the $25 and get the 3650 (make sure it's the 128-bit interface, not 64-bit).
  4. I also say go with a 3650. Anything more is just pointless with that old CPU. You may also want to consider getting something off eBay as well such as an old 7900 or 1900 AGP card.

    You could overclock your CPU, try and get it above 2.0Ghz, and that would help a bit, but it still may not be enough for some games.
  5. thanks for the input but I bought a HIS IceQ Radeon HD 4670 1GB 128-bit DDR3 (from newegg) I somewhat knew a 4670 would be overkill but I want to make sure that my graphics card was not going to hold me back (any longer). I've had another system that was P4 but had a nvidia 400mx series in it. now it's just my Ram(DDR 1) and cpu (funny this cpu is beating my P4 comp).

    side note: most of the games I play, that are in my collection, are graphics heavy games so this will help me in those. the only ones I have that are cpu intensive are company of heros, Stronghold 2 and maybe one or two I can't think of right now (hard to remember among 80+ pc games :D).
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