[Question] SSD Sata II and Sata III

I am interested in getting a SSD. How ever I have an older computer:

Motherboard: MSI K9A2 CF v2 Motherboard
CPU: AMD 955 x4 @ 3.2Ghz
Video: AMD 6870 1GB
DDR2: 1066

I was thinking about getting a SSD to speed up scene transitions and texture loading for my MMO games.

I know a Sata II controller is backwards compatible with a Sata III device.. I was curious about the performance drop, I'm not worried about transferring data along the network, or to other hard drives, but interested in gaming performance.

This hard drive should work with this motherboard, with out a huge hit on the speed of the drive correct?

Drive I will order:
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  1. You can connect the SSD to one of the SATA II port in your motherboard. There won´t be a huge drop in performance because the port isn´t SATA III.
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    Even on SATA II ports SSD's are still beasts.
    For what you want to do i doubt going from a SATA II port to a SATAIII port will make any difference.

    Not 100% sure on this but the only difference between the two ports would be the sequential read/write speeds, but really who has another device that you can copy files to at 300+MB/s, besides another ssd.
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