Is my kingwin mach1 enough for tri sli 480

I am putting together a new system. I am deployed to Iraq right now but just trying to figure out if my mach1 1000w will be able to handle tri-sli for evga 480FTW cards and still have enough gas left over to OC the cpu etc getting the 980x I7 I am thinking its going to be right on the edge and was thinking about about steping up to the mach1 1200W supply I looked at the 6 12v rail outputs and amps wise I think the 1000W one that I allready have wil be ok but I want to OC building full custom watercooling set ups as well and will have cooling power to spare for ocing. Thank you for the help guys
I have loved the power supply has been my fav of all the ones I have had over the years and def want to stay with the company.
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  1. You wouldn't be able to OC at all. Each OC'd GTX480 would pull over 300W, the OC'd CPU over 200, and all the other components over 150W.
  2. Your looking at about 700-800w just in GPUs, I would have to suggest a bigger PSU. What case do you have? IF you get on that supports multiple PSUs then you can get a good quality 500w and power one GPU and some peripherals with it. This would be the most stable and safe setup. The HAF 932 supports dual PSUs and is a great case for the money.
  3. On the other hand 3x ROG MATRIX 5870's would be just fine, :lol:

    As AMW said, one Corsair 550W would handle the hard drives, fans, etc, and one GTX480.
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