I3 530 or i5 750 for gaming

Hi friends, i have a XFX GTX 275 896MB and i want to upgrade my CPU, mobo and RAM as currently i m using a Intel Dual core processor with DDR RAM that bottlenecks my GTX 275 in most of the games, i m bit confused because i know about the performance of i5 750 but don't know anything about i3 530. I use my computer only for gaming and that too at 1920x1080 resolution, so i am not sure if a go with i3 530 will that bottleneck my XFX baby...help guys...!!!
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  1. As suggested- the i5 750 will be the best for gaming-
    Btw, a GTX 275 is still holding to the games, why bother telling the Op to upgrade-
  2. An i3 will be more than enough (especially with a little OC), even in quad core optimized games. Unless the game is CPU bound/heavy and needs 3+ cores (rare) no matter the GPU.

    However there isn't much of a price gap between i3 and i5 so the benefit could be worth it in the future.

    If it's in budget go for the i5-750, like they said, quad core is becoming the norm in games.

    The reason people are commenting on the GTX 275, is because the i5-750 coupled with a NF200 board has the potential to be one of the strongest (i7's HyperThreading does nothing for games) CPU/mobo you can get for gaming (minus the intel 6 core monster). And the 275 is a very mid-range card these days.

    I have 4890 crossfire (4890 is close to GTX 275) and with a single card I'm unhappy in some areas, but not much. The only thing I really have trouble with in some games is high AA on a single 4890.

    I have to RMA a 4890 and after playing with a single one a bit, it's starting to show it's age. (then again I'm a power junkie)
  3. Let us stick to what OP has asked for now.. The i5 750/760 is the better buy here and definitely recommended over the i3.. Along with excellent gaming performance, it'll also add longevity to your system..
  4. Quote:
    @raidurNot rare quite common.Farcry 2 and Avatar(Dunia engine),BFBC2 and upcoming BF(frostbite engine),Mafia 2,Just cause2(Path engine),Civ 5,Metro 2033,Hawx 1 and 2,Dirt 2(Ego engine) and many other games uses quad core cpus efficiently.

    Very true- + Gta 4-
  5. Farcry 2 will benefit significantly yes, that is one of the very few games.

    Don't know the Dunia engine.

    BFBC2 will benefit slightly, but with i3 paired with only a GTX 275 it won't be more than a couple frames.

    Mafia II from benches I've seen usually sees little to no increase going from 2 cores to 4.

    Metro 2033 will gain around 5% (likely a single frame) from 4 cores with that little of GPU power.

    Dirt 2 gets a somewhat significant increase when using 4 cores, but that goes away when you turn on AA.

    My point wasn't that games do not use it efficiently, my point was that an i3 dual core is still enough to keep up with a GTX 275, even in games that are quad core optimized well.

    Just because a game benefits from using a quad core doesn't mean it 'need' a quad core to keep up with a GTX 275's framerate, especially when dealing with i-core IPC. Only a few rare games actually 'need' the extra cores w/ a 275.

    Too lazy to post benches, but I can if need be. :)

    Lets not forget, I still voted for the i5 quad.
  6. Quote:
    Fine, but still that GPU only measure up to a HD5770, might wanna upgrade to a HD6850 or a good GTX 500 to fully utilize the i5 quad

    Wrong the HD4870 is a tad faster than the HD5770, a GTX275 is Equal to a HD5830 faster in most cases. Also the HD6850 is slower then the HD5850 which puts it inbetween the HD5830 and HD5850. I don't see how a HD6850 would be an upgrade in terms of performance at all.
  7. i agree the GTX 275 is stronger than the 5770 its almost on par with the 5850 , i5 750 would be the better choice my friend.
  8. i3 for only pure gaming..Games dont really make cpu work as we know.Many bench marks dont give that much of a on average rating for gaming.In other words,in some games you can see a core 2 quad beat an intel i7 etc..However your hard drive and cd driv will sometimes take into account of the loading times when it comes to games.
  9. I will vote for i5 750 if that comp is use not just for gaming. But for your video stay with your current .
  10. So if a go with a Intel Core i5 760 Processor what will be the best mobo i can get for that within 100-130 USD because i need to put in GSKILL Ripjaws Series 2x2GB DDR3 1600MHz 9-9-9-24-2N 1.5V...!!!
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