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Hi i am having problems with my laptop unremoveable type graphics because every time i connect a monitor even before i turn the computer on there is nothing displayed on the external monitor. I have tried different monitors and cables but it always ends up with this problem. When i change the Display Properties to thier default my pc bluescreens and restarts.

Also the monitors light to say its on or on standby sort of flickers between the two (when plugged into the laptop) and my s-video socket outputs black and white.

Please help.
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  1. its one of three things... settings, software, or hardware.

    your best bet is to go into properties then click settings and see if you have an option to select a seperate monitor or extend windows display to that monitor

    if this doesn't remedy the problem try reinstalling the graphics drivers, they should be available at your laptop manafacturer's website

    finally if its hardware unless its still under warrentty you're probably skrewed as it'd probaly cost more than the laptop is worth to get it fixed
  2. erm... i forgot to say. sorry. my laptop is discontinued and VERY old it did come with a disk where there were drivers on it aswell as recovery disks but there are no graphics drivers i can get my hands on and anyway will this mean i won't have a display on the built in monitor if i remove the drivers?

    i don't really know mutch to be honest.
  3. what kind of laptop is it? i have a hp with windows 98 that i still can get drivers for.

    post the make and model and we (tom's community, faairly helpful bunch) might just be able to find the correct drivers for ya :D
  4. its a Toshiba satellite A30 64mb intel graphics if that helps but i dont have a clue on where to look for them using google or manufacturers site i havent had the internet for very long :)
  5. thanks i have installed the driver and now waiting for pc to reboot and then we shall find out whats wrong
  6. No luck.

    Is there a chance the vga sockets solder has come loose? Because i did get it repaired and it came back with more things wrong with it than when it went in.

    Also it did start after that too.
  7. Just have to make sure before i tear it down to get to its board and jab it with a soldering iron.
  8. if its not settings or drivers... yea its probably the hardware

    this means either the port or the graphics chip, neither of those is really a simple fix and likely going to be pricy to get repaired
  9. i also heard that some system ram needs to be assigned to it for the dual monitor to work since its graphics cannot handle it is this true?
  10. i could see where it might be possible, that woudl fall under settings, i get off work in about 5 min but i'll do a little research on it when i get home. knowing thg though somebody more knowlagabel abotu laptops may have answered by then :D
  11. ok
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