Can I install an ATI raedon over nvidia drivers

Today i bought an ATI Raedon HD 4550 to install it on my pc thats running vista 32 bits. I installed the drivers and installed the graphic card but as soon as teh windows loading bar finishes I can hear the pc loading my desktop and stuff but I cant see anything at all its completely black :(. Could it be that i still have the Nvidia drivers. My pc was using the integrated video card it came with from factory an nVidia GeForce 6150SE nForce 430. Is there anything i can do to make the new graphic card work or am I doomed and need a different one? I woudl really appreciate some help :(
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  1. No.

    First off, download driver-sweeper :

    Remove any previous drivers in "add-remove programs" section.

    Then you run driver-sweeper to make sure all Nvidia/PhysX related files have been removed. Download the new drivers and save to desktop. Then you re-boot and run driver-sweeper again just to make sure that you have deleted everything. Shut down the PC, install new card, boot and install new drivers and you are done.
  2. Download the latest drivers from the AMD site;
    Then download driver sweeper;
    You'll want to uninstall the Nvidia drivers. Do so through the control panel and then run driversweeper in safe mode to be certain they are all gone. Reboot and install the drivers you downloaded for your new card.
  3. Wait, I need to remove the nvidia drivers to install the ATI ones or the ATI ones i installed as well cause it still running with the nvidia one. I'm sorry im a bit slow on this >.< I'll never be a tech girl :(
  4. Uninstall/driversweeper both and start fresh with the latest drivers from the link I gave you.
  5. alrht wil do tha tyv for yu help!
  6. No problem. Let us know how it goes.
  7. uso yeah, that dint go well >.< i downloaded the drivers from the link from amd and then did th sweep thing guru and deleted every Nvidia drivers, when I installed the card and turned on my pc it was all black and i freaked out, somehow i managed to run it in safe mode and it restored my pc back with the Nvidia drivers it deleted. I tried but its way too confusing for me :( I think its because im blond lol :(
  8. When the monitor was black where was it plugged into?
  9. it was plugged to teh new video card, i tried it both ways in teh odl port and the video card and none worked :(
  10. You may have to turn the onboard GPU off via BIOS.
  11. how do I do that?
  12. When the machine is booting up you have to quickly hit the F2 or Delete key, this should take you to the BIOS screen.
  13. ok on the Onboard drivers, there r 2 PATA and SATA drivers and both are enabled. Are those the ones?
  14. No, you're looking for something referring to "VGA".
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