Configured RAID now no more?

I'm a n00b at RAIDs so please bare with me. Is this how RAID is meant to work?

I created a RAID0 volume using the IMSM (Intel Matrix onboard RAID on the Asus P658xD-E mobo). this was 4TB in total (2x2TB HDDs)

Then within Windows, I then created a STRIPED Volume and shows as 4TB single partition (as how I configured it)

After I rebooted the system, the Intel controller basically does not see the members anymore but only as induvidual disks, but in Windows its still a stripped volume.

any ideas?!
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  1. Why did you have to recreate the RAID in Windows? Usually it's created from the BIOS and then used as a single drive in Windows.
  2. because it didnt make it into 1 disk or didnt see it as 1 disk in Windows
  3. Was it your boot disk? If so, then you should read the note at
  4. nope. not my boot disk
  5. Then it should work if you use GPT.
  6. yes i know.

    hmm. you didnt read my question correctly....
  7. I reread your original post and I still can't figure out why you recreated the RAID in Windows. It's normal for Intel Matrix to no longer see the RAID because you broke it when you converted it to a Windows RAID. You don't have to redo the RAID in the BIOS. If you haven't already done it, download and install Intel Rapid Storage Technology and use it to recreate and monitor the RAID 0. That tool also provides a lot of valuable info such as disk model, serial number, sector size, etc.
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