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I have recently purchased a brand new Toshiba laptop. However, the new laptop only comes in one single partition drive, which is only C drive available for me. I do not want to risk myself by having both operating system and my working partition combined together. Has anyone encounter this during your new purchase and how could I split my storage into at least 2 partition drive? Why is Toshiba not partition the hard drive into at leats 2 segments before the distribution of the laptop?
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  1. I think you'll find there is actually another partition on it, but not one you can use. It's hidden and contains the system recovery image. The Disk Management console will reveal it if you want to check.

    Some laptop maker's do in fact provide a third partition for the user, but not many.

    You'll need to "shrink" the existing C: partition in order to make room for another partition, but be aware that if you do shrink it, the manufacturer's factory recovery utility will be rendered unusable since it can't recover to a partition which has been made smaller than it was when it left the factory.

    If this doesn't matter to you, learn how to shrink a volume here:
  2. Hey, you can use Windows built-in disk management tool to shrink your single volume and then create a new one with the unallocated space. if you think this method is trouble, you can use some 3thd party software, such as Partition Magic or AOMEI Partition Assistant to split the single one into two or more. here is the detailed steps show you how to do it:
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