Front Panel Wiring help?

Hey Everyone,

As an intro I would like to Thank you for reading this.. I desperately need help as I want my PC to be finished and working properly, as of now I'm too afraid to touch the PC because I do not know how to fix this!. Thank you.

Day 3 since I started building my PC.

At this point I'm done with everything, but yesterday I had problems wiring my front panel connectors. The MOBO has 9 pin connectors. 1 pin for each indivdual task, (PWR Switch, PWRLED, RESET Switch, RESET LED, HDD LED, etc.) Yet the plugs that my case offers, are 2 pins or 3 pins. In total I cannot put all of these plugs together on my MOBO. I tried it randomly yesterday and tried to turn it on, plugging in the PSU resulting only my heatsink fan and Chassis fan flickering the LED for 1 second and fan spins for 1 second, then turns off. When I pressed the PWR Switch on my front panel, nothing happened. Now I'm a first time builder, I'm scared I might have a DOA MOBO and parts, since where I live is DRY and I had no choice but to work on carpet. I used anti-static wrist band but my chassis is black inside and out, therefore I had no idea if I was discharged this whole time I was working.

Main problem: : How will I put together the front panel plugs onto the MOBO.. if the MOBO designed the plugs with individual pins when my case has the 2 and 3 pins?

Case: Thermaltake V3 Black edition


MOBO: AsRock M3a770de for AMD

Select USER MANUEL > then download > FRONT PANEL IS AT PAGE 25!

PSU: Antec Earthwatts EA-750

I noticed this PSU is compatible with Intel i7's.. could this be why I'm not powering up? Did me placing the wrong PSU result in DOA my whole entire build? Or Does this work with AMD.. worried.

Please help,
The front panel connectors are really confusing, how will I put them on if PWRSwitch is 2pin plug on my chassis and the MOBO has 1 pin plug for it? and for everything else?
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  1. The motherboard manual is not that clear about it, but it's rather easy. The Power switch (2 pins) should be connected to the pin identified as PWRBTN# as well as the pin identify as GRND next to it. The Power LED should be connected to the pins identified as PLED+ and PLED- (reverse the plug if the LED is off while system is powered on). You should now be able to figure out where the HD LED and the Reset switch should be connected.
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