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Most people post their results on OC'ing their cpu but not many post their video card triumphs, so post them here!
I'll start
GTS 250 512mb :
Stock Speed~
Core 738 Mhz.
Shader 1836 Mhz
Memory 1100 Mhz

Core 830 Mhz
Shader 2040 Mhz
Memory 1135 Mhz
Voltage Standard
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  1. Anyone else?
  2. How about you wa1?
  3. Gigabyte HD5850 1080 Core vs 725 Stock | 1200Mem vs 1000 Stock | 1.275V vs 1087V Stock | Under Water.

    ASUS HD5850 950 Core 1200Mem 1.250V Stock Air for the moment.

    Both cards @ 950/1200/1.25V 24/7 Waiting for second waterblock so I can go 1000/1250 24/7 and have some piece and quiet! :)

    Nice OC Computerrock1
  4. Tried to get my HD4850 off of its stock clocks, but even a 15/20mhz OC on core/mem leads to crashes and corruption/artifacts. I'm not complaining though, I got the card for free ^^.
  5. Free is always good!
    OMGitzfatal: Thanks, you too.
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