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I want to get an 802.11n wireless router to replace my G router, but I need to be able to use a USB storge device on the system. Can I get some suggestions on cheap 802.11n wifi routers that have a USB port as well as ethernet ports? I live in a small apartment so range is not an issue. Reliability is far more important to me.

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  1. If you are looking for simultaneous, this one is great -

    Also, here is another "n" wireless router -

    Most are equipped with Ethernet ports (RJ 45) - haven't seen any with Ethernet as well as USB ports. Maybe additional technology is required to do so, thereby raising the costs.

    I personally find that Linksys routers and wireless cards are great. My wireless router is 2 years old, and cards are 6 months, and 2 months respectively. The router is "g" technology whereas the cards are "g, n" technology.
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