HP experiencing trouble booting and tends to overheat

My wife owns a HP Pavilion dv2700 pc. It has been experiencing some issues including not booting on occasion after fully shutting down.

So far my result has been to unplug the pc and to push the ON button for several seconds (also pressing alt + ctrl + del but doubt that has done anything) And leaving it unplugged for several minutes before trying again.

So far thankfully it has been rebooting after these steps but I am worried that this wont last and may have more problems or perhaps completely give out eventually if I dont get to the root of it. She has been putting it on sleep, as she worries hibernating or shutting it down will be permanent. This has happened about 2-3 times in the last month, though not before this. What has been happening for a longer time pretty much since she bought it as far as I know, is that the laptop gets so hot that it practically burns your lap! It also cranks out a LOT of heat and is probably up to hot in a matter of 5 minutes or less.

Thoughts, ideas, solutions?
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  1. Hhmm....well it's an hp. They are known for bad video chips. Maybe you can use some canned air to blow out the fan.

    Check out a program called l8kfan

    You can probably find it on google, it's free to use as far as I know, not 100% compatible with newer lappies, but worth a shot.

    I use it on my older dell inspiron 1150, old work laptop for when I go out to customers houses for testing, configuring wifi, etc. But it sometimes had issues with overheating, shutting off etc. I use this program to autostart with windows xp, and force the fans to high speed as soon as the laptop comes up. Seems to help.

    Also, you might try unplugging power, remove the battery, and then push the power button about 4-5 times, then press the power button, hold it for about 30 seconds. This procedure on many models seems to reset the power management unit on the laptop, then replace the battery, then plug in power, and turn the computer on.
  2. They also had battery problems i have the dv2712tu it does over heat thats what hp is good for due to the lack of vents,also the fan and the Graphics i tok my apart and applied artic 5 thermal paste. also make sure not running aero turn it off all together if you need help let me know i will do the best i can are you running vista? because that doesnt help i switched to win7 64 ultimate.
  3. Also you could download, superantispyware: http://www.superantispyware.com/ & malwarebytes: http://www.malwarebytes.org/ as malware and spyware dont help if infected.
  4. dicksmith also sell compressed air, about $5 a can use that to clean vents and fan does help if not keen opening up ur lappy it is also not recommened to have laptop on ur lap as covering of the fan will increase ur heat in the machine place on flat hard surface would be my choice
  5. Thanks for the suggestions and Ideas... Sorry...Ive been mia the last several days. So I believe it does have version of vista, but I long ago turned off the Areo theme believing+ this was one thing causing it to hog more processor power than it ought to. I had already been planning to get inside to look at the cooling fan, and at the least clear out any dust accumulations. I will try this and perhaps some of both of your suggestions per mstream and ohiograd and get back to you. Thanks
  6. May be worth looking at too dude, when your in there, I know one gateway I looked at had the chip and gpu in the bottom underneath the plastic covers. If the laptop in question does, it may be worth cleaning off the old thermal paste and applying Artic Silver 5.
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