need an upgrade from 250watt psu

Hey guys and gals

My computer an
I'm looking to upgrade from my current Nvidia 7100 in my Acer Aspire M3641 but it only has a 250 watt psu and from my reserach I cant find any card that will safely run on the puny psu =/
I'm not sure what psu to get becuase I dont knwo what will fit in my case, or anything really... any help will be much appreciated

system specs
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  1. would the 430 watt psu safely run the Hd 5750 seeing as how its 20 watts below reccomended?
  2. Yes this is a quality PSU with a conservative power rating although more powerful than many generic 450-500watt PSU´s which GPU manufacturers recommendations are based on
  3. Recommended powers figures are actually very inflated to compensate for all the crap power supplies out there the 5750 could even run on that 380 watt no problem the 430 is even enough for a 5770/6850
  4. wow, so most of the numbers involved in computer things are often to high for what is actually needed
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