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Hi Guys,

I was thinking about buying a EVGA Geforce GTX 460 1 GB, and i was wondering if my CPU(E8400 @4.0 GHz) would be bottlenecking the GPU in gaming compared to i7 or AMD x6. If it is, is it worth paying to upgrade my computer?


P.S. Im on a budget only got about $400 spare rite now

Operating System:
Windows ()

CPU Type:
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz

CPU Speed (GHz):

System Memory (GB):

Video Card Model:
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 250

Video Card Driver:

Desktop Resolution:

Hard Disk Size (GB):

Hard Disk Free Space (GB):
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  1. the GTX 460 would be a good improvement for 1920x1080 resolution

    bottle necking would depend on the game. games optimized for 3+ cores would obviously run better with an i7 or AMD x6, none the less the e8400 @ 4ghz is still a very capable CPU for gaming.
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    There will be no bottleneck. Obviously as said if a game was optimised to take advantage of hyperthreading and mulit cores then the mentioned CPU's would of course give better results.
    Im the vast majority of games there just wont be a bottleneck and in the games where there would have been a benefit you wont notice anyway. The E8400 @ stock, never mind @ 4GHz is more than enough to push a GTX 460.

  3. Should i wait for the newer Nvidia cards to come out?
  4. The GTX 460 is new

  5. If you WANT to spend $400, then I'd wait and the next generation mid-level cards will probly be abotu $400 dollars. If you want to save some money, I'd buy a GTX460 1gb now... then in a year you can spend the other 200 to buy whatever is a great deal then.
  6. mactronix said:
    The GTX 460 is new


    I mean i heard some people talking about the next generation Nvidia cards and they were talking about waiting for it
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  8. the 460 has literally JUST come out. we wont be seeing 'next gen' cards form nvidia for at least another 8 months (but my money is on 12-16).

    ATI may have something coming out earlier than that (possibly by Christmas), but its still a long way.
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