Is amd 955 or a amd bulldozer if 4 core?

i am thinking of geting ASUS Crosshair III Formula - AMD 790FX - Socket AM3 with 955 but some one said to me are you geting the bulldozer? some sites say there will be 4 and 6 aswell as the 8 core.

what should i do? :S save and get am3+ with 955 or new cpu or is it just 8core? or get ASUS Crosshair III Formula and 955?

its just for games that only come out on pc as i have ps3 and xbox

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  1. Bulldozer is not out yet. You want to wait? If not 955BE with 790 or 890 chipset board is a solid foundation for a gaming build.
  2. AM3+ is a pure speculation.. Moreover, there is no nearby release date/info on Bulldozer and as such, there is no point in waiting.. The 955BE, as already said by Rolli above, is still a great CPU for gaming..
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