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ok i had purchased an ssd intel 330 120 for 103.99 from newegg before blackfriday.. now during black friday i was able to get a samsung 830 256GB and another intel 330 240 for 139.99.. the intel 330 for 139.99 is still in the packaging stages.. but the other intel 120Gb has already been there any way i can return it ? or am i just stick with another ssd... or would i have to sell it on ebay or amazon...will newegg give me a refund? if its unopened
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    You cannot return that item for refund. If you cannot use it in another desktop or laptop, try selling to a friend or relative first and then go with ebay.
  2. Man I missed that 256 830 deal...I am on the email blaster too. Too bad maybe Monday I will catch it. I have these on my shopping list

    Sammy 830 256gb
    Plextor 5ms 256gb
    Corsair Nuetron GTX 240gb
    Sammy 840 Pro 250gb
    Not necessarily in that order.
    MicroCenter has some smoking deals but you have to do an instore pick up. :( mine is 100 miles away.

    I found a deal on Sears but I think it is a KINK, I called and got stroked by a guy who could not spit the marbles out of his mouth. The deal is that Corsair Neutron GTX 256gb for 125.00 in store so he says, but I put in zip codes from San Fran to Orange county to see what would come up and it said not within 50 miles of each zip code. Can you say "1" hidden in Alaska or Minnesota" ?
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