Thinking about sound card - do I really need it?

So, I'll soon get a ASRock Extreme6 mobo
And I was thinking about buying a soundcard.
I have a 2.1 system, a Onkyo HTP 501, with a Pioneer VSX 420 that I use for PC, PS3, turntable, ecc ecc.
I'm very interested in audio quality, even if I'm no audiophile.
My question is: will a dedicated (but mostly AFFORDABLE) PCIe soundcard be worth for what I'll get, or will the difference be minimal?
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  1. I would try a four speaker setup with separate bass first and see if you can get the onboard sound settings to work. I always notice the difference with a sound card, but often you have driver conflicts with windows. I would limit your budget to $50 or less if you get one.
  2. I already have a great 2.1 system and I'm not planning to expand it, since my room is not that big. My doubts are only about sound quality on non-high end sound cards. Of course, I can't afford super professional 500€ cards, and I can't afford either the still-rather-big 100€ ones. My budget would be 50, 60€ or something like that.
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