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this is sort of under the os category as well, but im currently building a computer, and I want to use my hardrive i currently have in my comp right now. its a 500 gb. I plan on getting windows 8 wich is only 40 dollars if I download it straight from Not to be a cheap ass but i dont feel like spending the extra 20 bucks for the disc, is there a way i can do it online?
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  1. Hang fire mate - have you checked the motherboard maker's website to see if they have Windows 8 drivers for it? If they don't, your project is dead in the water. Check that first.

    As regards downloading Windows 8, if Microsoft isn't offering that method you'll have to buy the disc.
  2. Since Windows 8 isn't doing so well in sales you should be able to get a good deal on a disc. Also if you currently have Windows 7 I would stay with that untill Microsoft fixes up Win 8 to be as good as 7. There is no need to rush and get Win 8.
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