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Hey all, I recently built my first pc. (Asus M4A785TD-V EVO, Phenom ii x4 955, 4gb ram, OCZ 500W PSU, hd 5770 gpu). It worked great for the first month or so, couldn't be happier.. anyway recently I started OCing the computer. First the GPU which ran fine and then much more recently the CPU, which i suspect may be the problem. The problem being that when I restart the computer, and sometimes just turning it on normally the monitor doesn't come on. I hear it POST, the keyboard, mouse HD lights come on, everything works fine, except no monitor.. The mobo has a built in GPU and that has the same problem... What do you think I should try?
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  1. Ok, well turns out that CPU OC has actually fixed it... Of course I probably knew I should've tried it... however I thought it wouldn't because when I eventually got it to work overclocked it would say overclocking failed press f1 to run setup etc, then if i ran setup and saved and exited with the OC it would run, overclocked and stable. This is what is confusing me.. it's as if it can't start when its overclocked but once it is, it'll run happily...

    What is causing this? I am not too good at CPU OCing yet however my mobo allows automatic % OC's which I have been using (8%), which puts my 3.2GHZ to 3.456.. which isn't massive and the temperatures are fine.

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