SSD, do I need it?

Hi all,

I know a SSD isn't really necessary but can you guys give me some really good reasons why I should buy one? Or should I wait a year or two when the prices fall even further?

I know for a fact that boot and load times are much faster than conventional hdd. I am mostly an average user, surfing the web, watching youtube vids, and play games here and there.

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  1. If you do not have to wait longer then 1 minute for any given piece of software to open then you could wait. SSD is really for huge software bundles like NLE (video editors) that take over 2 minutes to load or when editing, to seek through a time line. IF you want your video games to load a bit quciker then that would be a good reason. OR if you have more cash then cents. Go ahead. Better places to spend you money for performance. IE: Video card, Ram..
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