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I've been working on computers for quite a few years, and there is nothing that pisses me off more than routers and networks. Nothing ever works like it's supposed to for me, thats why I hate getting new equipment.

A while back I had a D-Link DI-524 router, pretty old by today's standard. We bought a new DIR-615 and had nothing but trouble installing it, though finally after days of finagling it finally started working correctly (Cox high speed cable). I used that for about a year when I bought a new computer, and suddenly the router stopped working again.

I had kept the firmware up to date, and I never changed any settings hardly. It just stopped working as soon as I plugged my newly built computer in. I tried running the CD, nothing. I tried the wireless settings, nothing. Router won't even recognize itself.

So I went back to the old router for another 6 months until now, the old router got a firmware update and no longer connects us to the internet. I'm getting a limited network available every time, and no internet. The newer router straightup doesn't even work at all, green lights all blink but absolutely nothing connects. Windows doesn't even recognize it in the least.

I can hardwire my computer straight through the modem and the internet works fine, such as right now. But when I plug my Mac straight into the modem, I get nothing.

I realize these are two probably no-related issues, I am just so frustrated right now it's incredible. Any suggestions would be majorly appreciated.
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  1. When switching components on the modem you need to do a power reset on the modem in order for it to recognize the new component. Just plugging in will not work.
  2. I feel fairly stupid at this point...
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