Will this psu be sufficient to run gtx 480s in sli?

As the topc title says i'm looking to run 2 gtx 480s in sli, I have no plans to oc them just gunna run them as stock. Here is a pic with the details of the PSU.


Thanks for any advice as i'm really not very savvy when it comes to this.

Also does anyone know anywhere I can buy an sli bridge from, thanks again.
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  1. If those numbers can be believed I think it should be ok.
    What exactly is the brand/model?
  2. It's made for alienware by Hipro, I traced the number off the side of the casing to find the manufacturer.
  3. The numbers don't mean much to me as i'm still learning a lot about pc parts and such, from what it states is it pretty good?
  4. Yeah, I think it should be alright.
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