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I need some advice on getting a new motherboard, cpu, and ram. My current motherboard, a evga 680i, is having issues with the ide/ata controller, and I would like to just replace it. I was looking through all the new stuff and figure I will go for a 1156 motherboard, I don't need the super high end, but would like mid range. The price range I am looking at is around $600, the if I can get good for cheaper, the that is great.

What I do with the computer is mainly programming, gaming, internet, etc.

So what boards would you recommend? I am not looking for super pci express, for now I will be using one card, maybe 2 in the future. For ram I would like decent speed, but not high in gbs, 4 is fine. For cpu, I would like a decent core cpu, with HT if possible.
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  1. great time for a new setup, AMD just dropped their prices a lot

    here is a good setup but it doesn't have HT

    Phenom II x4 965 BE.....145

    AMD AM3 mobo, DDR3....170

    Crucial ballistix RAM......100

    total 315 USD

    or get this CPU

    Phenom II x6 BE......296

    total 564 USD

    and now with HT
    ASUS H55 i5 LGA 1156 mobo.......200


    and same RAM

    total: 480
  2. Not bad, But I rather not go AMD, I am more an intel man, I know, I know. And about the asus, not bad, but is that the best, this last motherboard was nice but failed after about 2.5 years, and in a way I have to replace the whole thing. What about evga again, or gigabyte.
  3. EVGA is a cheap brand so i have heard, gigabyte is also fery good,

    i choose the ASUS because it has 2 pcie x16 slots and not one x16 and a x8/4

    but yeah the i5 setup will be just as powerful, but the 965 might beat it out in multi core tasks
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