5850's VRMs heat

1 on my 5850s have really high VRMs, and the other has relatively low VRMs

ie. The temps of the 1st GPU is:
80'C core
80'C VRMs 1
95'C VRMs 2
79'C VRMs 3
Fan load @ 40-45%

The temps of the 2nd GPU is:
85'C core
85'C VRMs 1
80'C VRMs 2
78'C VRMs 3

Is the VRMs #2 for my GPU #1 abnormally high?
Fan load @ 40-45%
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  1. thats about right actually.

    the VRMs get a LOT hotter than people realize. when i was overvolting my 5870 my VRMs were nearing 120c.

    that one VRM probably just doesn't have optimal contact with the thermal tape. if it bothers you, you can apply some TIM or just try reseating the HS.
    they are designed to run at those extremes though, so they should be fine.
  2. cool thanks, so they should be fine as long as they're under 120'C right?

    I've seen them go up to 110'C at max load with a mild core OC.
  3. yeah, i think 120c is the maximum allowed limit. (and i skirted that when overvolted without adequate cooling).

    i think under 100c is fine for normal operation.
  4. i belive it simply comes up as GPU1, GPU2, GPU3.

    but basically, the three highest temps it reports in the GPU will be the VRMs. they are considerably hotter than any other part fo the card.
  5. Just make sure there is a thermal pad that is making contact then you should be fine but as for life span that may be the one thing about this generation that will cause problems. The 3870x2 had very hot running VRM and would have failures then the 4890 had the same issues besides cooling for the gpu core. Just be sure to clean it once a month and you should be fine.
  6. So my 2nd GPU with the cooler running VRMs is superior to my first GPU, with its slightly hotter VRMs?
  7. ^ most likely that the first simply has better contact with the thermal pads. thought part quality could also have an effect.
  8. You could always replace the pads with thicker more gooey pads for better contact but you may still see up to 100c at times of load. You can always dump a fan near the read end of the cards for extra air flow. As for mods I know a few tricks but most people get into trouble when they decide to go aftermarket cooling.
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