What do I need...quick response badly needed...

Well Folks,

What do I need to cinvert this ssd to my desktop?

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  1. Umm what? Do you want to install that SSD into your desktop?

    What specs do you have? My SSD went in without anything special needed.
  2. You mean to be able to fit it into your desktop? You might need a 3.5'' to 2.5'' internal bay adapter. You'll also need a SATA3 cable and of course power (which should be on your PSU).
  3. At the minute I have a asus v pro mobo. 1TB standard HD. i5 3570k cpu. all in a HAF full size case. I have other idems, but nothing that should cause any problems with a SSD. I will get the Vapor x 7970 gpu this weekend also.
  4. oh I have a psu 750W gold
  5. Its down....$139.99 for the ssd. I think I did alright :-)
    Can some one give me links to newegg on what I need and what is a good sata cable and 2.5 to 3.5 drive adapter.
  6. Comes with the cable

    It comes with the bracket.

    ** Installation Kit also includes 3.5" bracket with screws, SATA data and power cables, mounting spacer, and SATA to USB adapter cable
  7. Looks like the same thing. Does not look OEM.

    You should get all the retail stuff in the box. I would wait to purchase anything else until you get the item.
  8. Before doing a fresh install with the SSD, make sure that the firmware is up to date. Also, make sure that the drive is setup to run as AHCI (done in bios). Other than that, plug it in to the sata 3 port and enjoy!
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