Speed or Storage more important (SSD)?

Hello, I had a question about some potential SSD's I may buy.

Ok, so up until now, I've just been using a 1TB HDD for my boot drive, but I want the benefits the SSD would bring, so I want to get one to install Windows 7 on and use as a boot drive and for any programs I use often or would benefit from the speed.

The trouble is, I'm torn between the Samsung 840 250GB model ( or the Samsung 840 Pro 128GB model (

Now, the first drive has about twice the amount of storage, which would be great, but also is almost 40% slower in the write speeds compared to the 128GB model.

So to the point: Would you think it would be better to go with the higher capacity but slower drive? Or the lower capacity but faster drive?

(Also, you may recommend other SSDs, but I've been looking at these because they look to be very reliable, have high ratings, and are very well priced. So, you can recommend others, but please not one that is more expensive or don't meet these criteria).

Please reply!!


-- Yogman
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    The best option regardless of price would be to go with a Samsung 840 Pro 256gb , to me a 256gb SSD is the best option for a boot drive because it gives you the speed and some flexability in capacity and you don't have to be as concerned with what you are loading on the drive. Naturaly you would put what you can on the larger drive but you can end up with your most used programs and games on the SSD.
    The second best option would be with the 128gb Samsung Pro 840 and you would just have to make more of an effort with making sure that most things go on the secondary hadr drive.
    The Samsung 250 gb is not a bad option and you won't always be writing to the disk but mostly reading from it so it wouldn't be as slow an opton as you think.
  2. Well I have been reading for about 4 days about SSD's. It all depends on what you are doing with your Computer. Some Controllers shine better with compressed video such as Corsair Neutron GTX, or the Samsung 840 pro based on the samsung 830 which is based on it's *edit 470pro. Or you could get a Plextor m5s to handle the job. Most get the 830 (Albeit being discontinued) due to Samsung line is too cluttered as well as it is too much competition in it's own line-up. The 830 is popular, in part because of forums like these and one says it, so another says it, and so on. The fail rate is better in a Plextor however you do not hear so much about it. As that even has twice the size of ddr ram inside the SSD (The Cache).
    It depends on what you are doing...Video games? Go get the Kingston X 300 or whatever it is. The deal is fantastic and the controller is good as well as the ddr ram is very efficient. However, if you are HEAVY video editing you will do better with a Plextor, Corsair or those higher priced Sammy's are.
    If you are playing video games, and goofin around with some youtube vids, you could get the 840 std ( I call it) and would be fine. Your frame rate is not going to be quicker with those anyways (video gaming)
  3. Here is a review of 840:

    When you say 40% faster, bear in mind that is in benchmarks.
    In real life there in not a big difference in day-to-day usage. Generally, read speed is more important than write speed for an OS + program drive. For instance, downloading a large file, the SSD makes no diff.

    If I were to choice between the 256 gig 840 and the 128 gig 840 pro. It would be highly dependent on how much you need to put on the drive. Myself My programs + OS only take up about 35 gigs - So the 128 gig pro would be great. But I'm not a gamer, so If a lot of games and you think you will need more than 90 Gigs (Usable size for a 128 gig SSD), the go for the 256 gig 840. As I stated you probably would not notice a big diff in performance.

    As for video - I do a lot of converting Blu-ray and DVDs to mpeg4 for my tablet.
    SSD is NO help here. Files are to large and CPU processing overshadows any SSD performance advantage.
  4. Your links do not work for me.

    I would go with the larger ssd.

    It will allow you to put more files on the ssd where you will get a BIG performance benefit.
    Also, larger ssd's are a bit faster than smaller ones.

    If you start to fill up a ssd, it will slow down if it has to work harder to do writes.

    In the end, you are unlikely to notice any big performance difference between the two.
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