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Phenom II X6 memory controller

I know Phenom II dont have the msot robust memory controller when it comes to DDR3, recommending DDR3 1333.

MY brother's computer currently runs 4gb (2x2gb) G.Skill eco 1600 with 8-8-8-24 at 1.35v. He has 0 problems so far, but I was wandering if the memory controller would handle an additional 4gb with all slots fully populated while keeping speed the same?

This would probably be a crapshoot with the X4s, but the X6s are supposed to have an "improved" controller, so I hope that he can.
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  1. With identical RAM it *should*.

    Is it on the Qualified Hardware list?
  2. Ohh I am not worried about ram compatibility, but the load I will be putting on the memory controller, as I am going above the recommended 1333 and populated all 4 slots (populating all 4 slots typically puts stress on the controller and limits OCing).
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    I've not heard this one before and I have a X4 955 BE in work with 4x2GB DIMMs in it and not had a single problem, so if the X6 controller is supposedly improved you/he should be fine.

    If you really get worried, try selling the RAM and getting the 8GB kit instead

    (assuming you're in the US)

    Also, Intel only officially support 1333MHz DDR3 for their Nehalem platforms, so I don't think it's an issue really.
  4. Wasn't that a C2 stepping problem with the PIIs?
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