E6400 upgrade to e7500

On the E6400 I am running it at 2.8ghz (8*350) very stable for years. Motherboard is a Asus P5b Deluxe WiFi-AP

Does this mean that with the same FSB (350) that I could run the e7500 at the same FSB achieving a 3.85ghz overclock? (350*11=3850)?

I assume the only problem I would hit would be CPU heat right?

Does this chip run much hotter than a e6400?

(The e6400 is going to replace a P4 550 in another comp, so dont tell me just to get a i7 or something :) )
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  1. Theoretically yes! Not only thermal issues the CPU´s might not run at fsb 350
  2. I would find that odd if a E6400 FSB is 800 and it can run at my current 1400 (43% over normal)

    Then it would be less of a stretch for the E6500 (1066FSB) to run at 1400 (only 24% over normal)

    I have a ZALMAN CNPS9700 any idea if that would be enough?
  3. It is a good cooler! CPU´s are not created equal there is always a dud in between, at least your Board is capable which is promising.
  4. Ok, got the E5700, flashed the BIOS (latest beta, but running perfect at current overclock on E6400 so far) and now am going to preform the surgery, wish me luck :D
  5. I installed the processor and am getting a long continuous high pitch beep, I double checked, its seated properly...

    I then tried my cold E6400 and get the same long beep.

    What am I doing wrong?
  6. You did return everything back to stock before swapping CPUs ????

    I also have the E6400 w/Zalman 9500 running @ 3.2 (Bus @ 400), currently my back-up computer.
  7. all the power connectors pluged in? hard reset the bios with motherboard jumper?
  8. yup, set the BIOS to default

    still getting the LONG beep on both processors

    I reseated the ram and video card, no luck...
  9. OMFG this always happens to me...


    I removed the video card to get easy accses to the cpu, when I reinstalled the video card I forgot to plug in the extra power cable lol....

  10. I guess your a good computer enthusiast.
  11. Running solid at 3.85ghz, highest temp so far was 122f while playing Battlefield Bad Company 2.

    What is a max temp to watch out for on the motherboard and CPU?
  12. E7500 Tcase max 74.1°C = 165.38°F according to Intel http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=36503
  13. so you ended up getting the e7500? how is it runing? much faster?
  14. I haven't done any bench marks, but load times are noticeably faster and I think I notice some difference in games with high end graphics.

    The real big difference is in the E6400 replacing the P4 550 in my wife's gaming comp.

    Either way I think I went with the right processor, now with the $ I saved on not getting a Q9550 I can now save it for a new video card down the line.

    Thanks guys.
  15. I got 4.1 GHz (373 MHz X 11) out of my E7500 with a Xig Dark Knight in a Gigabyte EP35-DS3P, 24 hours Prime95 stable.
  16. jsc said:
    I got 4.1 GHz (373 MHz X 11) out of my E7500 with a Xig Dark Knight in a Gigabyte EP35-DS3P, 24 hours Prime95 stable.

    What memory are you running

    I think my mobo is maxing out at 1400mhz (1066mhz rated), must be nice to have a 1600mhz FSB mobo...
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