ASUS M2N68-AM PLUS AM3/AM2+/AM2 NVIDIA Geforce 7025/nForce 630a Micro ATX AMD Mo

Bought a new MO for my HP MC m8226x.
Did an outside test with the listed components,it turns on then turns off
in 2 sec.driving me nuts .

when I did first time I did not connect the power pins correctly I missed 2 pins in the header ,then imdly after 1 start ,I connected the power button correctly

MO -new Capacitors are fine none of them bloated
CPU AMD Athelon 64x2 (tested okay)
No Video Card
RAM (tested okay)
PSU 300w (tested okay)
Any ideas whats wrong?
Is video card a must?
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  1. What kind of front panel connectors do you have, standard ones?
  2. yes standard
  3. 2 other things to add here
    My computer is HP-MC m8226x and have MCP61PM-HM(Nettle2) motherboard.
    with AMD Athlon Dual Core Processor , Socket AM2, 2000MT/s (2.0 GT/s)

    The ASUS M2N68-AM supports this chip But this straight from ASUS
    But the equivalent replacement MO is ASUS M2N68-LA which is for Hp
    What i bought is AM ?will that be big deal?
  4. Might be the mobo if the PSU is OK. Try to reseat the CPU anyway and with only one stick of RAM.
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