PS3 to Soundcard (Help Needed)

Hi everyone,

I want to connect my PS3 to my 5.1 speakers but have no optical in on the speakers so im thinking of running the optical out (ps3) to my PC (optical In) and then through my speakers.
Will this work? Im running Windows 7 64Bit and will need to get a new soundcard, one which i found is listed here on Amazon

I wanted to check if this setup would work before buying a new soundcard.

Your help is appreciated

Kind regards

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  1. If sound means alot to you, dont get a cheap soundcard, get something from Asus or Creative. But before that can be arranged, we need to know your system specs. One more point, the card you'll invest will last you quite a number of entertainment/titles (movie, game) and you'll know the money was well spent.

    To answer your OP, yeah its possible to run audio into your soundcard and then out to your 5.1 system.

    But heres a lil food-for-thought. Why not get a Home Theatre System that can pass the optical audio and one that can be hooked up to your tv?
  2. Lutfij was right. For Audio and Video the PS3 has these: Just connect to your Home Theatre System.

    Audio/video output

    * HDMI 1.3a out
    * S/PDIF out (TOSLINK)
    * AV Multi out
    o Composite video/stereo audio cable**
    o S-Video cable
    o SCART cable
    o Component video cable
    o D-Terminal cable
  3. Thanks for the reply guys.
    I am looking to get a separate AV Receiver and 5.1 speakers but at the moment i cant afford it (till after crimbo)

    As black ops is out and i have a few blu rays i do want it out of my current speakers (which are old but produce a good sound with nice bass)

    So if i understnad right i CAN sent optical out from my PS3 to PC and out of my speakers right?
    My current sound card is either:

    Sound Blaster X-FiTM XtremeMusic8 with Dolby 5.1
    Integrated 7.1 Channel Audio

    So i guess what i want to know is would the card listed above in my first post be any worse?? if not then it will be fine for moment till i can get a decent package (av & speakers) but no point spending a lot on a sound card for now.
  4. :) there you go, the answer just came from you...

    i could help you out with the soundcard but i can't seem to google it up. Can you help me out, and guide me to a link (if there is any) to the sound blaster soundcard?

    Once that is out of the way, I'll be able to see the I/O ports of the card...and we'll build up on that.
  5. After looking at the back of my pc it looks like its the on board standard 7.1 with came standard with the dell dimension e520.

    If the soundcard listed above (amazon one) is equal in quality or better and will allow my ps3 to play sound via pc then I will get it tonight but would love your opinion on it.

    Many thanks
  6. 1| Do you have the necessary slots for adding the soundcard?
    2| How much are you splashing for the xtreme?

    edit: is this your setup?
  7. Yep I do have a spare PCI slot and I do not have the Soundblaster card. I only have the on board 7.1 which came as standard with the Dell Dimention E520.
  8. buying a 5.1/7.1 channel card of a reputed manufacturer will set you back a few hundred quid. Do you think it's a good move to buy that instead of a HTS?

    If your still interested in the cards, I've posted these: These recommendations come because of the optical connectivity options. I don't own a PS3 but you'll know the ports when you see the cards :)

    1| Auzentech X-fi 7.1 (its old so i won't recomend this just have a look at it)

    2| Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion Series

    3| SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium a cheaper version of the above

    4| Auzentech X-Fi Hometheatre HD this has HDMI in and out, it is by far the BEST move because of the number of options you can go forward

    and you have this
    5| Auzentech X-Meridian 7.1 2G
  9. Thanks for all the info and spending time looking for the various soundcards, I'm only after a soundcard for a few months till I get a separate sound system.
    As you said an optical in will allow me to connect ps3 to my current 5.1 I will prob order the cheaper soundcard I listed in my first post. What do you think?
  10. It'll be a waste of money, TBH, and the sound will actually make you want to throw it away. So my opinion, hold out until you can purchase the sound system. Instead of splashing sooo much cash for a PS3/PC...stick with the sound system option.

    BTW, we're here to help, not complain :D
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