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i just purchased a new ssd installed it turned comp on windows downloaded software good to go except doesnt show up under computer. Go into device manager it shows up in there and says working properly but i have no option to start installing files to that drive wat can i do?? also i want to install my operating sys onto that drive but dont want to reinstall everything and i cant find a good cloning software can anyone help me out with an easy way to tranfer os files onto the ssd thank you in advance
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  1. You need to go into disk managment and initialize the drive, set the paortition , format and give it a drive letter.

    Right click on computer and select manage , then select disk management and when you get to disk management you will see a drive with unalocated space , so you need to right clikc on that drive and create a new volums and forllow the screen prompts.
    Before you load the operating system on the SSD you need to change the sata mode from IDE to AHCI in the bios.
  2. how do i get my os onto this driver without a new serial key and delete off my other hdd
  3. tyvm much for that answer also it was spot on
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