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Case Airflow Decision...Again

I originally came here and asked what a good case for running two GTX 480s would be, and I received plenty of useful suggestions. In the end I decided to go with the Silverstone RV02 for it's cooling benefits. Alas, I saw this:

Turns out that because of the way the HDD bay is setup, I most likely won't be able to fit two Full sized GPUs in SLI in the case. So now I need ANOTHER case suggestion that comes at least close to cooling as well as this one does, but has the room for the GPUs. Thanks in advanced, guys. You're always helpful.
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  1. we gave you plenty of other options in your original thread
  2. Those were all based around cooling, not size or design. No one ever gave me information on the internal layout of the cases as far as fitting in multiple GPUs etc goes.
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    the GTX 480 is only 10.5" long. that's not that big for a flagship card. the antec 900 and HAF 922 can both fit them in SLI. for more room you have the 1200 & HAF X. if you don't have the GTX 480 though, you may as well wait for the GTX 580 to come out and see how well it does in performance.
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  5. Just so you know, you could just fit the Hard drives in the 5.25" bays with something like this:

    That should give you the clearance you need. Also, not case can tame a GTX 480 like an RV02/FT02.

    Also, can I see your mobo? There shouldn't be a problem unless the last PCI slots are used...

    I can't see a problem arising since that is 4 4870 X2s, which are notably longer than a GTX 480:

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