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just a quick note; both amazon and newegg want more $$ for the i7 975 than for the 980x. thankyou, that is all.
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  1. In that price bracket it does not matter! It is still $1000 if it is just under or over!
    Most people build the whole computer for less.
  2. rolli59 is that your charger in the picture icon? i was thinking of buying one of those for a friend of mine, any model feature recommendations you can make? past horse power, torque, mpg's, cylinders, basic stuff, i dont know much about cars.
  3. That is an SRT8 very nice car except for mpg! For a daily driver I would recommend a RT over the V6 versions since it is well balanced HP/economy being 4000lbs a V6 gets close to the same mpg.
  4. lol was just looking at a dodge chart, difference between a 3.5litre and 6.1litre, didnt realize some chargers were that much more powerful than others..
  5. Yes there is a huge difference!
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