What Motherboard should i get ASUS or GIGABYTE

Hello people, this is my first time building a computer and my first time writing in Tomshardware.
My question is:
What is the best motherboard for you guys:




Thanks in advance
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  1. Welcome are you planning to use the on chip HD graphics? If so the Gigabyte if not then the ASUS which is an ATX board with more features.
  2. I'm not gonna use the onboard graphics card. Here were i live (Brazil) the ASUS is 40 dollars more expensive than the GIGABYTE is it really worth it?
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    It depends on the rest of your hardware! If the gigasbyte has all the features you need then saving $40 is the obvious choice, quality wise they are about equal.
  4. Thanks! I think i'm getting the gigabyte then!
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