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i have 6 gigs of ram. i7 quad core processor and gtm 230 graphics. when i run certain programs the programs run well but i barely see the activity meter of my pc or the processor light flinch. how do i ensure all the processing power is used even for small tasks to make things run even faster than just normal.
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  1. and when copying large amounts of files it is just done at normal speeds but just normal why cant it go faster with all of this power ? how do i make it do it ?
  2. You cant.

    32 bit programs can only use up to 2GB of RAM each, so you arent likely to use that all up.

    The light on the front is actually the hard drive light, not the processor light, key difference there, you dont want the system to be having access the hard drive all the time thats pretty slow.

    Most tasks are single threaded, and wont be able to max out a single core entirely anyway. Since an i7 is hyper threaded it appears to windows as 8 cores so even if a single threaded program was using all the processing power it could, it would only give you ~12.5% CPU usage.

    While having fast hardware helps, software can only use what it was built to use, if you want to transfer large files quickly, your primary problems is the transfer rate of your storage devices so upgrading to an SSD would help there, but you cannot just redistribute resources for random tasks, an i7 is very strong, but only for CPU oriented tasks, if you tried to get it to take some load off the GPU it would fail horribly, everything has its place and makes it self available if the software wants to use it, but it cannot force the software to use it.
  3. ok thank you very much for explaining that.
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