Motherboard: how soon before complete failure?

So, after many months with a stable overclock, my motherboard has finally started acting up. A week ago, my computer crashed while gaming and it refused to POST. Extracted the RAM and GFX card in seperate goes, heard the right beeps, put 'em back in, and computer reached POST and everything. Decreased the overclock and everything seemed to be fine.

Then yesterday, computer didn't boot the first time I pushed the power button (as in, it didn't beep and reach POST). After I restarted, it booted up fine... but then it said my BIOS settings had been reset. Had to fix 'em up, set the overclock, and continued use.

Now today, again, computer booted up fine but it got stuck on the Welcome screen (Windows 7) after which I had to restart. Much to my dismay, it wouldn't POST (similar to the first time). Took out the RAM, heard the right beeps. Put 'em back in, took out the graphics card, and I did NOT hear ANY beep. Thought my mobo was a goner... until I took out both of my RAM sticks (to hear the correct beeps) and put back in just 1 after which I did hear the 'no video' beep. Afterwards, put everything back in, did NOT overclock, and resumed use.

Gonna see if my mobo is actually failing or if it is because it suddenly can't manage relatively high overclocks.

If you're still reading, my question is this: is this normal motherboard wear and tear or is my mobo just on the brink on failure?

Q6600 OC'ed to 3.35GHz (and later to 3.2GHz)
Prolimatech Megahalems Rev B
Asus P5QLD Pro
CM 600 W
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  1. It is not uncommon for overclocked hardware to age faster than none overclocked! I am presuming you are monitoring your temps!
  2. Yeah, my temps are normal (as in, they're pretty much similar to what they've been the past few months).

    It's been two days and my mobo hasn't failed on me yet. I'll give it another week before I OC again.

    Any thoughts/ comments/ advice is always appreciated.
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