New build- Bootmgr is missing error


Today I went over to a friends to help him with building a computer. Hes new to all of this so it was mostly a learning experience for him. Ive built one computer before (my own) and have had no problems with it. Well, after we got everything put together and everything was connected, we booted it up and put the Windows 7 Home premium 64 (OEM) disk in it. The computer booted up fine and went to the win 7 loading screen. It started loading, i selected my language and all of that, and when it said "Extracting Files" Or something along those lines, it had some kind of error. I had seen this before so i restarted the computer but this time, when it was done with the boot up screen with the motherboard info and such, an error popped up. It read "bootmgr is missing"
"Press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt to restart"
I tried multiple times to get it to run and the same thing happened each time. I reset all the BIOS settings and did all of that.


Athlon ii x4 635
Gt 240
MSI 785g- e 53 mobo
4gb corsair 1333mhz
OCZ modxstream 500w

Any ideas or suggestions on how to get this computer to run?
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  1. no ideas?
  2. Does the system finish installing windows 7 ? and does it have more than 1 hard drive ?
  3. No it just has the ssd. I tested out the hdd to see what would happen. It hasn't finished installing any os because when I try to boot off usb it just gives me the error
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