Create a RAID 0 array without an OS?

So I'm building a new computer, and I just ordered 3x120gb Cherryville SSDs. I want to put them into a RAID 0 array, but I only know how to do that with an OS (Windows 7). Can you make an array in BIOS?

Here are the other core components:

Intel i7-3770k
G.Skill Ripjaws X @2133 (16gb - 4x4gb)
EVGA Gtx 680 Classified
3x120gb Intel 520 (Cherryville) SSDs
Seasonic 850w Gold (fully modular)

I think I'm gonna put it all in an NZXT Switch 810 and then plan to LC it in a few months.
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    You can, and need to setup the RAID bios configuration by hitting F6 upon posting, and select RAID 0 and select the disks. Then install the Intel RST driver after the OS install of Windows 7.

    The issue that you may have is that 3 disk RAID using the 6Gb/s ports will not be optimum as you will have to use one of the Marvell ports along with the two Intel -- the Marvell is about 11% slower than the Intel from the benchmarks that I have seen.

    If you really want to do RAID 0, use two disks on the Intel ports and then make the third SSD a non-raided separate drive on a Marvell port.
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  3. Awesome, thanks for the clear/concise/informative answer. :D
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