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Hello everyone,

I'm looking into getting an SSD for my desktop and since SSD's are something I don't have much experience with, i need to know about compatibly and what I need to look for.

I am looking at:

I have this Mobo:

Will it work? is there anything else that I need to buy in order to install it correctly (cables etc.)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. that will work but the exact thing for less and made in america
    (not sure were corsair is made) i would get
  2. Generaly there are no compatability problems with SSD's and motherboards. Any SSD will work in any motherboard that has a sata port.
  3. Thank you both very much :). I'll have to take a closer look at the one you pointed out Randini. Greatly appreciate the replies.
  4. [...] 6820233312

    great SSD. Sears says they will sell it to you for 125.00 If you can get it PM and let me know how you did. I called and the salesperson I got would not spit the marbles out of his mouth as well as would repeat my question as a statement. You gotta love that. Depends on what you are doing with your computer. Kingston has a deal for low 100's for 250gb rates well with a good controller in it. I would get it but I do heavy video editing and SandForce is not that good of a controller for Compressed or non compressible video
  5. You have a Z68 MB.
    1) USE the INTEL SATA III ports - IF you also have a Marvel SATA III port - DO NOT use for SSD.
    2) When you go to Install OS on SSD make sure your BIOS is set to AHCI mode. After installation go to Intel's website and download the latest RST driver.
    3) My preference for SSDs is Samsung 830s/840s, Curcial M3s, or Plextors M3/M5s. Whichever is cheapest of these at time of purchase.
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