Unallocated Hard Drive Question.

I recently installed my Windows on a new SSD and noticed my HDD is unallocated. I know little about PCs so I need some help. I want to use this Hard Drive to store music, videos, games, other softwares, etc. How can I make it available? The only options I have when right-clicking are:
New Simple Volume on the "bar"
Convert to Dynamic Disk
Convert to GPT Disk on the space where it says Disk 1
also they both have Options and Help.

I tried to go through the Simple Volume installation but I am worried I will do something wrong when I get to the Format Partition. What do the options on the Format Partition mean?

Thank You
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  1. Create New Simple Volume.
    Format to NTFS file-system.
  2. In order to use a hard drive that comes in a raw unallocated state you have to partition it , then format it (NTFS) and give it a drive letter.
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