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Hi, I hope this post is in the right section. I need some help with RAMDisk, if anyone here is familiar with using this type of software.

So I was reading about Radeon's recently released RAMDisk, and decided I would give it a try to speed up my browsing on FireFox. I would like to reinstall Firefox entirely on the new RAMDisk drive, and have RAMDisk save any cache/add-ons that I may have added at shut-down to the hard-drive on a disk-image, and then load this saved image on start-up.

Note, that the reason I would like to maintain my cache/temporary files is because my internet connection is kind of slow/unstable and keeping some files helps me to not have to redownload every file when I visit a website.

To this end, on the Radeon RAMDisk utility, I have tested using the settings "Load Disk Image at Startup" And "Save Disk Image on Shutdown" which are by default the same file. After selecting these options, and starting the RAMDisk I have to manually format the drive with Windows Disk Management.

To test whether any files I put in the RAMDisk drive actually get saved, I put a test file in there and stopped the drive via Radeon's utility. It stated the image was saved on shutdown, and said it was loading the disk image on start-up. However, on start-up the drive is again unformatted, and after manual formatting does not contain the test file I placed in there.

Does anyone know where I might be going wrong here? Thanks for your help.
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  1. /bump

    Will anyone please help me?
  2. go here instead:

    it's free for any size and has more functionality, been using it for a while

    and yes it correctly saves and loads the disk image on shutdown/startup
    whats better is it does incremental saves so shutdown speeds are fast, handy when you have a 26gig ramdisk like i do :)
  3. I have this same exact problem! I have tried this multiple times with different settings. The RamDisk is started, but is not initialized in Computer Management or formatted as NTFS as I had done before rebooting.

    Can anyone help?
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