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AMD Phenom II x4 945 high temperature problem.

Hey guys,
I recently bought an Amd phenom II x4 945 ...i had an amd athlon II x4(630) started showing some heat i thought of buying a better one...i got the 945 a couple of days ago....i thought my heats issues would be vanished...but it showed me more temps than the older one(630)....i don't know if its normal....this is what i am getting:

My system specs:
AMD Phenom II x4 945(using a stock fan)
Asus M2n68 AM+
4 GB ram
Palit Nvidia geforce gts 250(1 GB)
Windows XP 32 bit OS

I got another cheap fan installed to provide cooling, idle temperature is around 49 C and while gaming it reaches upto 62/63 c.
Can you please tell me if these temperatures are normal?
And yes..I am new to gaming and computing :)
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  1. CPU temperature will depend on how the air flows inside the case, I would say that the temperature that shows is okey, because you are using the stock fan and only one extra fan.. Don't worry about it.. only if you are planing to overclock then I would say; "buy a better cooler for your cpu".
  2. Set the CPU voltage in BIOS to 1.25.
  3. How do i set it?can you guide me step by step?
    i got an asus M2N68 AM+
    sorry i am new to computing
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    Apparently you can't lower the CPU voltage on that mobo according to this manual

    Topically to enter the BIOS setup you press [DEL] right after you power the PC and in there you have a menu - you navigate in there using the arrow keys and hit enter to set an option or value. You can also use the numpad on the right of your keyboard to set some values.

    For the CPU voltage you go to Advanced then CPU configuration the Processor voltage and change from Auto to a lower voltage but all you have in there is a "Power saving mode". F10 is for saving the modifications and exit to windows.

    You can also remove the CPU/heatsink, remove the paste (sanitary alcohol is fine) and use a little good thermal paste like the Arctic Silver 5.
  5. @mosos
    thanks for the info
    i have a question..what exactly happens if you lower cpu volatage?
  6. A CPU will work just as well within its range of voltages but lower voltages mean less heat.
  7. @ mosox it won't cause any problem..right?like in performance..?
  8. Nope. Mine is at 1.20v right now.
  9. @ mosox Thanks a lot
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