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I have about 15 old HDD's I have built up over the years and it has gotten out of control. All of them are full of data so I will need a good 2TB hdd to back them up all onto one drive as I will be upgrading my system soon and can't bear trying to constantly hot-swap a bunch of old IDE drives. :D

I was looking at the "WD Green 2 TB WD20EARS" drive. It seems to be the cheapest 2TB right now.

Any thoughts or suggestions?
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  1. Not a Lover of WD "Green" drives. Not because they are low performance, but I find there reliability to be not that great. Reliability is a big issue with me, and for this reason Only currently recommending the WD blacks or the Samsung F3 for consumer drives. Enterprise drives would be great but there is a fair price jump.

    WD Green:
    WD Black:
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply.

    The WD Black you linked is only 1TB.

    What about the Samsung F3 you mentioned? Which one would you got for out of the two?
  3. I find the 1 TB drives appear to be more reliable than the larger drives.
    I prefer the Samsung F3's which are a sata II drive also 1 TB.
    However, recently Samsung sold their oem drives to Seagate. Only saving grace is that the F3 is still made in the same plant, by the same people.

    Seagate - I quit buying after their -11 problems
  4. that's a shame as the Seagate 2TB Barracuda drives are dirt cheap. (ST2000DM001)

    I can't afford 2 x $100 for the same capacity tbh! I live in the U.K by the way, not that it makes much of a difference seen as price wise the gap is the same over here.

    Any other advice? No to WD Green, no to Seagate... :(
  5. Might try the WD Reds, No Personal experience, but looks like similar reliability to black
  6. RetiredChief said:
    Might try the WD Reds, No Personal experience, but looks like similar reliability to black

    Almost $40 more then the Seagate... hmmm.... not sure what to do now.
  7. Your Call
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