Instaling new heatsink to motherboard, help?

I bought a new heatsink to replace my old stock one that was getting way too loud. When I removed my old heatsink, I noticed that it needed screws to be tightened into my motherboard, but my new heatsink requires push-pins. The new heatsink won't stay put in where the screw holes for my old heatsink go in.

Will removing my motherboard's standoffs help resolve this problem? Help?
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  1. its hard to tell if we dont know which mb or heatsink u are talking about. in general custom made mb heatsinks have springlike pins as they dont need to be too tight, so as long as they dont wobble theyll do ok. again i dont know what standoffs u are referring to, but in general original heatsinks are plugged into the mb with some plastic screws that once removed u cant put back so be careful that ur new heatsink will actually fit before removing anything
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