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I had a Gateway computer with two hard drives, one 20gb running XP and 160gb for other files. I believe some of the programs are also on the 20gb HDD. The computer has stopped working. With a laptop, netbook and 7” tablet I don’t want to splash more on a desktop. I want to continue to have a desktop so I bought a HP unit from Ebay and hoped to just pull the two drives from the Gateway, put them in the HP and carry on running the desktop as before. It doesn’t work.
Is this because the drives have the old drivers? Can I install the drivers for the HP and get it running or is it not possible to do what I want to do?
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  1. All the XP drivers are for the OLD computer. If Your New HP has an OS then, Just use the drives as storage drives for access to all of your old files.
  2. Doesn’t have an OS, thought I could just transfer the drives with XP. Even so I would have to reinstall some other programs which are on the 20gb HDD would I not?
  3. True, But you are going to have a hard time deleting and reinstalling correct driver.

    But you would have to be able to boot the drive - catch 22.

    Might try this put the HDD in, Turn computer on, boot to a windows XP installation disk and select repair - Then Cross Fingers.
  4. Tried the repair, got my original desktop up and running. Not got onto internet yet but should be able to sort that. Time will tell if everything else is ok or if BSODs will appear. And have to reactivate Windows, not sure how that goes.

  5. Still no crash. Internet up and running and Windows activated over the internet ok.
  6. Great,
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