Should i use the 8 pin cpu connector for core i7

asus p7h55-m pro + core i7 870. there is an 8 pin cpu connector and one is blocked off. should i be using the 4 pin or 8 pin? i would like to know before i build it.
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  1. if your psu has an 8pin cpu line, use it, if not, find the fourpin one and carefully fit it into the cpu socket, should be the lowermost four but its formfit so you 'cant' get it wrong,
    modern cpu's need mre power so they changed it to 8pin, if you struggle with bsod's on 4pins, one solution maybe to get a better psu and use the 8pin on that
  2. Use the 8pin if your power supply lets you.
  3. As stated above, use 8-pin if you have it. Reason it reduces the I sq R drop accross the pins - more eff.

    As to requirement. 8 pin was incorporated for the "OLD" pentium D extreme Edition and for MBs that provided for Daul processors. 8 Pin is recommend for Processors drawing 125 Watts or greater. Not required for Procs with a 90 Watt rating, But as I stated does provide a benifit.
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