Is it ready for Bulldozer?

Hello there! This is a pretty simple question, but I still wanted to ask nonetheless. Will my motherboard work on the up-and-coming AMD Bulldozer CPU's?
Here's the board:
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  1. No! You will need a AM3+ board for that!
  2. You gonna need 8-series and above AMD chipset.
  3. Alright then, and how much do those cost? Right know I have a phenom 2 X4 oc'd to 4.0 ghz, and it takes everything i throw at it, but I just want to know for future reference.
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    You should just get a 9xx series board.The 9xx series boards a fully capable of running every proccesor from AM3+ and AM3.The 8xx series boards are only capable of running Llano and Bulldozer processors.

    The cheapest 9xx series boards right now are these 2.You'll have to wait a month or 2 if your looking for more of an entry level motherboard from the 9xx series.

    MSI 990FXA-GD65 $160+$8 Shipping

    Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 $160+ $8 Shipping
  5. Hmm...well I just spent all my money on a graphics card, but by the time bulldozer comes out (Q1 2012 at earliest, I heard) I should have the money.
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  7. They actually should be releasing Bulldozer next month.Llano should be out in a couple weeks.
  8. Oh, really? Well then...still, my X4 has done pretty well thus far, so I will just wait until I absolutely need the Bulldozer
    And by the way, do you know whether Bulldozer is using 32nm or 28nm architecture? Because I've heard both.
  9. What is your X4?

    The new processor's are 32nm and the new graphics cards are 28nm.The new line of graphics cards won't come out till way later in the year.
  10. It's a Phenom 2 X4 965, though I OC'd it to 4.0
    Damn, and I just bought a new graphics card too. 28nm is a huge jump down.
  11. Yah me too.I think i'm going to hold off on crossfire until i see what the new cards can do.
  12. Yeah...although if I get another 6950 in Crossfire....that'd be amazing. I just got into computers, so I'm not used to things with that much power.
  13. Yah it would.I only just found out yesterday about the 28nm design.Thats a HUGE step up from 40nm.Making me reconsider crossfiring my 6870.I might just save up a whole bunch of money and get a really big single card.They should be realsing somewhere around christmas too.
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