Cheap Computer for Wife $400 Budget

Hey guys,

I want to dump the Mac G5 we have in the family area (wife/kids use it) and put a Windows 7 machine in its place. Problem is, I don't want to spend much of anything. The good news is the wife and kids don't use it hardcore.

Their tasks:

1. Facebook
2. email
3. iTunes
4. Netflix on new machine
5. browsing
6. web cam
7. typing reports and stuff (Open Office)

As you can see, the load is minimal. In fact, they were using the original Mac Mini (G4, 1 gig ram) for ages. Basically, I'm in the process of dumping our Macs.

Anyway, I don't want to spend more than $400.

Here's the thing. has this system for $360 (refurbished):

I don't see how I can beat the build. It comes with Win 7, which is like $100 right there and the 4gb DDR3 ram is another $100, so let's say $200 already. If it could use my graphics card (below), that might work.

I should point out that I have two parts on hand:

1. Radeon HD 4350 card
2. Antec 650w PSU

Appreciate any help. Just case, ram and Win 7 has me at like $240ish on NewEgg.
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  1. Most cheap computers are hard to beat. I'd get that one looks like a good deal.
  2. Yeah, I like building my own and all, but that's pretty cheap. And since their use is mainly school work and Net-based stuff, this is probably more than enough. Overkill even.

    They were using the original Mac-mini with a gig of ram so nothing major.

    Never bought a refurbished desktop before or from TigerDirect.

    Tempted to get this eMachines for them instead. It's $299

    If my HD 4350 will work in it, that might be the smarter play.
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