Will ati 5770 be a bottleneck to my pc?

my rig is athlon 7750 dual core oc to 3ghz .motherboard is m3n78-em.2gb ddr2 ram at 800mhz.psu is fsp saga II 350w dual +12v rail at 16a max output on +12v rail is 305w..max power is 400w.
i am planning to buy ati 5770 radeon 1gb...my monitor is 20 inch with native resolution at 1600*900.
my question is there any bottleneck with my system..?will 5770 fit in my motherboard...?i mean the size not pci express slot issues.is my psu ok...for max overclock..?will 5770 run all games at 1600*900 maxed out settings with full AA?which to compare stock 5770 to..max oced 5770 to?
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  1. someone reply please...i am new here...help me..
  2. 33 views and no reply...?someone reply pls...?
  3. i'm not really sure about your processor but if you suspect it will bottleneck your card then OC your cpu. about your mobo i don't think you should worry about it but instead you should worry about your case. however 5770 is quite a short card so it should fit really well in any standard ATX case. at the resolution you're going to play at 5770 should have no trouble maxing out any games out there (with AA enable) except Crysis :D
  4. thanks a lot for the reply...my processor is athlon 7750 not the famous black edition but it can oc to 3.4ghz...is it ok...?
  5. if the processor can run stable at that clock speed then it should be fine
  6. thanks a lot...what will a stock 5770 compared to and a overclocked 5770 compared to....?is my psu ok...for oc 5770 ?
  7. fsp is a good PSU maker but to be honest i'm not really sure if the PSU will be able to run 5770. in their site amd recommending 450w psu to be used with the card but i know some people able to run the card with 380w psu
  8. thanks a lot...will give it a shot...:-)
  9. any info about comparison..? will it match atleast 4850...?
  10. performance based 5770 is definitely better than 4850. based on raw performance 5770 is near to 4870 or 260. the one that comparable to 4850 is 5750 or 250 for nvidia cards :)
  11. thanks a lot dude...here in india nothing is cheap....:-( 5770 costs 10000 rs that too msi brand...is tht brand ok ....? after overclocking it matches 4870 right...?
  12. i think MSI is a fine brand. with OC the card should be able to catch up with 4870 performance.
  13. thanks a lot...you are the best....:-)
  14. any more comments are welcome...:-)
  15. I dont think it would bottleneck it that much. Maybe no bottleneck at all... I mean HD 5770 is a weak card it shoudlnt get bottlenecked by a dual core running at 3GHz
  16. Personally i have never heard of your PSU brand so i would not try to overclock the card until you try to buy a decent PSU. Generic or no name PSU's have the tendency to fail even at 75% of their max usage. Don't push it too much.
  17. thanks a lot guys....is 5770 a weak card...? i heard it is in par with 4870...?does that mean it wont max out all games at 1600*900 resolution...?
  18. I can play crysis at 1680x1050 with mine so most games will work at maximum. Metro 2033 won't be playable at that resolution with max settings in dx11.

    If you want to see what it can do in different games here is a link to my review. My system is a little faster then yours but not buy much(CPU i meant).

  19. lol, if you compare the 5770 to the likes 5870 or 480 of course the card will look weak. but at 1600*900 the card should be fine (for most game)
  20. thanks ionut19 i am satisfied by ur review...i have decided to buy 5770 now...:-)
  21. No problem. Hope your PSU holds. I also would suggest to consider buying a new one in the near future because nobody wants their PC ruined because their PSU burned.
    Here is a suggestion: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139003 .
    I strongly recommend you get this at the same time if you can.
  22. i am from india...it costs too much...so i will see if the card can overclock with my psu...any method to test the strength of psu..?how much juice it has...?
  23. Well it says on the side of it and you already posted what it can do in your first post. You should try saving some money for a new PSU after the card gets to you. The PSU is the most important component inside your PC because it runs everything.

    I would not think of overclocking with that PSu, you could fry your PC. Hope it holds with the card stock.
  24. ok thanks...:-)which model to select in msi 5770 pm2d1g-oc,pm2d1g,hawk,pmd1g...?i know hawk is good...?but for wat reasons?its not in stores now...if i have to pick other than hawk...wat model would be best....?
  25. Post here the links with the models you chose and we will be able to help you chose one.
    XFX, Sapphire, Sapphire vapor-x, Gigabyte..etc. The ones i named are good brands.
  26. my choice is only msi....in my shop:-( here is the link to homepage www.msi.com/index.php?func=prodpage2&maincat_no=130&cat2_no=137 check out the different models in 5770 category ?
  27. What case do you have, can you give me a picture with the side panel opened?
  28. right now am in hostel will give take it this weekend and show you...it more or less looks like yours not very roomy the cabinet was bought 6 yrs ago..why asking about it....?
  29. Because there are 2 types of video cards that have air cooling, the ones that evacuate air out of the case and the ones that evacuate air inside the case. That is why i want to see your case.(hope you understand what i meant)
  30. from what i remember its a standard atx case...i have ordered my 5770 its msi pm2d1g model...rest of models are not available...:-( will get my 5770 2mrw....i will post the picture of my cabinet coming saturday when i go home....is pm2d1g model ok for oc...? what is the max core clock i can reach with this model...?
  31. Witch one of them? The one with a stock cooler or the one with the bigger cooler?
    And at that resolution you do not need to overclock.
  32. i dont know that...they told me the model number alone...will know 2mrw only...
  33. i got my 5770....:-) its actually msi pmd1g 5770....:-) its good right for oc it supports msi afterburner voltage control...:-)cant wait to go home to install it...:-) any comments about this pmd1g model...?
  34. where are u ionut19...?
  35. Here, i am :)). I did not have the time to stay on here. Ok, install it and do not overclock it.

    Do you have any fans for intake and exhaust installed? The video card does not exhaust the air outside the case and could get a little hot if your case does not have good ventilation. Worst case when you are gaming remove the side panel.

    As i said, do not overclock, i do not even know if your PSU can handle it and i do not want to see your PC fried:(.
    Also read the instructions manual on how to install your card.
  36. will put the picture..on saturday when i go home...ok i wont oc...i dont have any exhausts...yes my side panel is always open...is pmd1g model good compared to reference model..? i heard that the fan is inefficient...? it heats up a lot....?
  37. After you install it and if it works on your power supply then install the latest drivers from msi site and use catalyst to increase the fan speed to 40% when not gaming.
    When you are gaming increase it to 60-70%, depending on how much noise you can tolerate.
    You should have gone for the model that you first posted here because it was better. If you got it from a store near you see if they can change it. Hope the price is the same, if not will do fine.
  38. ok...but that is the only available model..but this has overvoltage function...so i thought this would be good along with the big fan...for cooling...my bad....:-( ok will try to the shop one more time..
  39. If you can post here what they have for advice.
  40. i asked them they only have one model of 5770 thats msi pmd1g ....this has been a problem in india for a long time now...:-( also they have xfx but tats 1000 rs more...:-(
  41. what are the pros and cons of pmd1g model...??
  42. If you can not afford that and do not have the option for a refund and buy another model from another store then keep it.
    XFX would give you double life time warranty meaning that if you sell it the new owner will also have warranty.

    Well heat and noise..

    Pros, great video card and msi make's pretty good components from what i know.
  43. noise is no factor for me....i got used to it....but high temp even with this 8cm fan that big...? whats the threshold temp for a graphics card...?for safety...??
  44. Well for the 5770 i say to keep it under ~75, that would be great.

    I got mine to max 73C wile overclocked witch is weird because it is a vapor-x version and it should stay cooler. Fan was at 70%. At 100% fan it won't reach 70 in any game no matter what i do but the fan is loud.

    Not all games stress the video card the same. When i play Call of Duty 6 i get around 65-68C, in Burnout Paradise i get 63-65, in crysis i get to ~70C, in metro 2033 the same.

    C - Celsius

    From reviews on newegg it get's a little hot. As long as you keep the case opened it should be fine under 80C.
  45. ok...will keep under 75c...how much max overclock your card can reach stable...???
  46. I won't tell you because you will overclock your card then..ha ha ha..

    When you get a new case with one front fan for intake and one fan that is at the rear for exhaust and a new power supply then i will tell you.

    Even more in India is pretty hot now.
  47. :-)no i wont oc my card was just curious about the potential of 5770...:-)
  48. Right...i did not overclocked my card eider to see what it can..ha ha ha.
    You can see in my review.

    It's your responsibility anyway so do as you please. I do not think that you PSU can even power it let alone with an overclock.
  49. here in india they even oc 4870 with that psu with a high end system for more than a year....tats why i think this psu is good enough for single 5770
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