Is the i7 950 OK at 54,53,53,50c at 0 load

I just got the i7 950 a while ago after using the stock thermal compound for about 15 mins I replaced it with a deep cool z9. Is it ok at the temp mentioned above at 0% load?
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  1. Just sitting at idle assuming your running stock voltage and fan, they are a bit warm. Did you make sure all the push pins were completely secured to the back of the mother board?
  2. sportsfanboy said:
    Just sitting at idle assuming your running stock voltage and fan, they are a bit warm. Did you make sure all the push pins were completely secured to the back of the mother board?

    yes I checked, could you teach me how to properly put thermal compound think maybe its because I either put too few or too much
  3. if not is it at least not dangerous
  4. one more thing I tried to test it at 100% but cant.

    when converting 6 vids ay once using xilisoft video converter I get a maximum of 19% load
  5. Prime95 is one good way to test load stability and heat. Just watch your temperature as they will rise quickly. Stop the test if the chip goes over 70c.
  6. Oh and you have to check "round off checking" in options in order to see the errors if any.
  7. Im converting now its now about 76c
  8. 76c is too hot for just converting video, it's even a bit too hot in prime95 or similar. I suggest reapplying the TIM and carefully installing the fan again, making sure all push pins are securely fastened to the back of the mobo.

    Don't forget to clean the heat sink off will some decent rubbing alcohol first.
  9. Those temps are a bit higher then normal for stock speeds. Reasons? 1.) Stock CPU cooler for the i7 are barely up to the task. 2.) The cooler also depends on the internal temp of your case. If you take the side off of your case do the temps decrease? 3.) The termal paste should be applied in a line across the cpu, across the two cores, (latch to hinge on the cpu load plate/retention plate. (Video for direction) Artic silver is very good thermal paste. Here is something from there website on applying it. Go to page 5 for a pic of proper alignment and do NOT spread it. The line across the cpu will spread evenly across when you attach the cpu cooler. I like the Artic Silver "Ceramique" because it doesn't use metal and ceramic is a better heat conductor. This will help a little but the other 2 factors mentioned above play a big role in temps. Just so you know, the intel recommended max. operating temp is 67.5*C for the i7 chips. They will run at higher temps but you shorten the MTBF (mean time before failure) the higher you go. So, to answer your other question about damaging your processor - as long as you don't go above those temps you will be fine. Another thing, most boards have thermal regulation in the bios. This will slow the processor down to help keep the cpu from overheating if it is active. Real advice? Get a different cooler! If you don't like the temps you get with your stock cooler after trying the above mentioned things let us know, I'm sure you will get a few different preferences and suggestions about what to go with. And if so Don't forget to mention a price or we will suggest some really pricey stuff LOL. Hope this helps and let us know what you decide and how it works.
  10. I agree i thought the i7 would have alot of cooling problems and the stock coolers are not at all up to the task..But concerning that much equipment i would say it definitely might make your cpu run a bit hotter..
  11. You guys aren't completely understanding the deal here. The intel stock cooler has been tested and can handle the heat heat produced by the chip at stock clocks and voltage. Intel wouldn't package a cooler that puts it's chips out of thermal specs.

    So either he/she installed the fan incorrectly, Put too little/too much TIM on, or has very bad case air flow.

    A 90 plus degree room could do it too, but I'm doubting that's the issue.
  12. LOL I don't see how we missed the point when I addressed the thermal paste, (type, brand, and how to apply), case air flow, dipankar2007ind asked about the room ambient temp and the video link addresses the insertion of the stock cpu cooler. And I really hate to break the news to you but the stock heatsink that comes with the i7 SUCK for keeping the temps down. I have yet to build a system (completely stock with no voltage increases including running the memory in XMP or turbo mode) that their cooler keeps within temp allowances while running OCCT or prime 95 with hyperthreading enabled stressed testing, and that's on a platform standing, not even IN a case. Of course I might just suck myself at applying the thermal paste, it is a possibility :pt1cable: . We agreed his temps are higher than normal at idle, stock settings and have given several different ways to try to get them to normal. So what are we missing or misunderstanding?? Sorry if I come off as a d%#k, I just don't know what we're not getting.
  13. Never said that the stock heat sink is good, however it is adequate for a stock cpu with default volts.
  14. I live in The Philippines room temp is about 29c without air conditioner and 22c with airconditioner.

    btw when I booted it up yesterday the heatsink didnt start so I needed to manually spin it before it started
  15. Like I said before, I think your problem should be cooling yourself before your computer
  16. so aside from reapplying the TIM what else should I do
  17. BUMP
  18. uhh after reapplying TIM and putting a 120CM fan in front and changing side 80CM fan from side to back I get idle temps of 47-50. is that ok?
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